Tuesday, 24 January 2017


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Hard & Reckless by Victoria Ashley is now live! Pick up this book today for only 99 cents or free in KU!

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Star Rating: 5 mind blowing stars!
Gah! How do I even type this without it affecting me!
Jameson, oh how I have fallen for thee!
Victoria I never expected these alphas to compete with WOS in any lifetime! Holy hell you have done it though!
Jameson, Cole and Rowdy are just...YES!! I mean we only really get Jameson in this one but damn if I don't want Cole's book or hell I want Rowdy's!
You never cease to amaze with your writing and these hot as hell alphas. Just..yes! I am excited and I cannot wait to get more of this group of hot as hell alphas and the women that occupy them 😉
Seriously if you haven't read any of Victoria's books and met her alphas then I truly feel sorry for you (maybe) get on the VA train and meet them!
I need Coles book like yesterday BTW I need to know what happens with him and Kai!
-Michele Y

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