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Title: Forever My Badman
Series: Russian Bratva #7 
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 25, 2017

“Another mind blowing read by Hayley Faiman always love when a new book of hers comes out gotta get my hands on it and devour.” - Brandy Paige Roberts 

“OMG!!! Hayley did not disappoint. Forever my Badman was freaking amazing and my favorite thus far.” - Sonia Perez
“I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and once I started I couldn’t put it down.” - Alpha Book Club
If there's one thing Mika Rybin knows, it's loss. While he was raised to be an ambitious Bratva man, the mob that preserved him has also robbed him more than once. When the tables of life start to turn in his favor, and the beautiful Pakhan's daughter chooses him for eternity, he'll be damned if he allows the rules of the organization he serves faithfully to rob him, once again. If there's one thing Oksana Vetrova is sure of, it is that she will play the role of a pawn no longer. The death of her mother is a loss the entire Bratva grieves, but it pushes her father to the brink of insanity. When his careless and rash decisions threaten to rob her of the man that she loves, he puts into motion a chain of deathly events that are certain to change everything. Secrets, lies, and betrayal are what Oksana and her badman are up against—but they made a vow of forever—and neither of them is letting go without a fight. Recommended for readers 18+ due to Sexual content, Language, and Violence.

I absolutely love this series and the author keeps doing a wonderful job with keeping it going, and introducing us to all these characters that are new mix with the old. I was lucky to get Forever my Badman by Hayley Faiman in an ARC in exchanged for a honest review. I am giving this book 5 stars because from the first word till the last we had so much drama that I ate up like a hungry hippo. First I must say this if you have not read the first book. I suggest you do just so you can understand all the characters better. It will also help you understand why this author is such an amazing writer and once you get into her books you will so become addicted. So finally we have Mika story he suffered so much loss but what he gains is Oksana who is about to bring so much love to him, but it also comes with a lot of evil too. Of course a great love is not going to come easy and for these two it's true. But for Mika it doesn't matter he will do anything to keep his beautiful love even if that means going against her father the Pakhan or a organization that he once called family. But when it comes to love in the Bratva it will always be difficult to be together. And that's what happens when Oksana finally sees what's been going on this whole time around her the ugliness of the world her father created for her, but her eyes don't open until she lose her parents one to death and the other to madness that's when she begins to see and understand that she needs to live her life for her and her happiness. And even though Mika is not a good man his her badman that's going to do everything in his power to protect her and love her for the rest of their lives. And even though they is so many obstacles they have to overcome in the end it all becomes worth it when they finally are together. What I loved most about this book is how just when you thought yay they're happy it's over there was something that would happen that would ruin it. That was one thing about this story is it always kept you on your toes there were always some twists that would pop up. I can't wait for the next book, but until then this book will hold me off. This  was an amazing hard love story that will blow you away.

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